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Snowhaven Studios

We work with groups of talented individuals to create captivating visual novel games across a variety of genres. So far our studio has released three games and has several more in production.

VN Game Den

VN Game Den is a Visual Novel Reviews & News website specializing in English Visual Novels.

Get The Games

Get The Games is a service that helps players find developers that are making games that they'll love. We enable developers to add their games to our service regardless of how they are being distributed. This makes us stand out from other gaming platforms which are focused on driving sales for their particular platforms. When players search our site for new games, they can limit their search to their distribution platforms of choice.

Party Tales

Party Tales was intended to be a platform that would make it easy for Visual Novel developers to create multiplayer visual novels that players could then play with large groups of people.After several years of off-and-on development, we decided to officially discontinue the development of Party Tales in September 2021 so that we could focus on other projects.Most of the Party Tales team has moved over to Snowhaven Studios, where we've already released five games and have several more in development. We hope you'll join us there to see what we've been working on!